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911 The Missing Pentagon CCTV Security gate Video Frames...

This was taken from a CNN video I found online, and with the help of the Webfairy

I was able to capture the images and frame the out.
Instead of the 5 frames that the news had released, I found MANY more !
The only explanation i can figure is that CNN created a video from the 5 frames, and "introduced" other frames to simulate a more realistic video appearance. Somehow i doubt they would go to that trouble, not to mention that it is a mis-representation of "real" news.

It is POSSIBLE that the software did this automatically, ill let the reader keep that in mind.

The process more widely used to re-create a moving image from a few frames, is to create a .gif image.
examples can be seen here...


Or, possibally, in recontructing the video, the processing would interpolate the data, and this is what you get when taking it apart again.
Somehow I doubt this though. It appears that these are not just "shdow effects" of one image layered on another. They seem to be totally independant of each other.

When watching the CNN video, it is replayed 3 times.
It does not appear as though it is just a replay though, when breaking it apart, it seems that there were at least 2 different videos.

9/11 cctv pentagon video
sept 11 pentagon video

Notice the grey , which looks different between the building and the explosion,
in the top and bottom photo.

cctv pentagon video
CNN pentagon video cctv video

Here the explosion fades out. I doesn't seperate and expand, but just simply fades out.

CNN pentagon camera cctv


There are 6 pictures of the devloping explosion. There is a distinct difference between the first, and second. There is a dark spot that appears to move between the first and second frame between the tower and the wall of the Pentagon.
There is also a difference in color and darkness near the toll both in these first two pictures

6 Frames in this series, this series does not include the first frame.
that makes at least 7 frames, anyone want to ask CNN where they got the others?

CNN security pentagon video CNN pentagon video 911 CNN pentagon camera sept 11 CNN pentagon video september 1th CNN pentagon video 9/11
pentagon video 9/11 CNN

Now that should lay to rest the idea that there were only 5 frames captuered

CNN pentagon video missile CNN pentagon missile video sept11

Original released frames....

pentagon video CCTV pentagon video cam pentagon security video
pentagon video sept 11

Here is the CNN video... (hit play video)

Comparisons of different pictures of the CCTV frames taken from the gate video.
Pentagon Video 9/11 CCTV security gate cam. 911review
The Pentagon CCTV security gate Video frames 911
Pentagon security gate video CCTV comparisons 9/11

911review Wiki sites

analysis of all released frames here...



You can compare these frames to the "original" 5 frames released.

Photos show moment hijacked airliner hit the Pentagon


Homepage... sept 11th video and pictures
sept 11 terror drills, videos and photos

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